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“Christiane is highly creative. She genuinely cares about the young people she works with and it is evident in her teaching style, as she always does her best to make them feel heard and comfortable. She also has a very high standard of artistic excellence, and pushes her students to achieve their personal best.”                                      Stephanie Wieland, artistic Director of The Possibility Project LA

“As the Actors’ Gang Education Director and teacher, Christiane fostered Emilien’s creative and personal growth. Her excellent teaching skills have helped him to gain confidence, become more attentive to others, and have given him a wonderful means of self-expression. I particularly admire her patient and attentive communication with Emilien and the other students.  Her classes are very popular, with up to 40 students at a time.  It takes a very special skill set to keep a group of 8-12 year-olds productive and engaged for several hours at a time. Ms. Georgi has these qualities in abundance.”                                                                                                                                                Meghan Sahli-Wells, Culver City Mayor

“Ms. Georgi’s leadership, dedication, focus, and positive spirit have been an incredible asset to my life personally.  I have yet to see her give less than 100% of herself to not only myself but other foster youth she has served. It is my belief that she is an incredible person that brings light to each person she touches.”                                                        Shari Walker, student

“Christiane played an integral role by preparing and training the whole cast to become great actors. She has the ability to make every teen feel valued and included. She typically taught us how to figuratively “find our light”. She sees the light in others and has an innate gift of exposing and illuminating that light. She brought a joyful spirit and Rocky motion to the program which influenced many participants to follow their passions for the arts.”                         Demontae Thompson, student

“I had various occasions to admire the work of Christiane Georgi not only by watching her acting skills during the productions of the Actors’ Gang but also by having been a witness of her deep and sincere involvement in social projects. I was very touched by the objectives followed by her to bring culture to children coming from a poor environment, to educate teenagers through the art and through that offering them chances to move up in their life. I have strong memories of the outstanding and highly emotional show that theses kids delivered to the audience.”          Christophe Vauthey, Deputy Consult General

Christiane has taught for:

 The Actors’ Gang

Elementary Strings

 L’Avant Scene Opera (Switzerland) 

The Possibility Project LA

String Project LA

The Geffen Playhouse 

No Limits for Deaf Children

City at Peace

Director of the Theatre Program for Children with Autism at

One for All Healing Arts Center

Happiness, fear, anger and sadness are the four emotions used to create a basic foundation of expression where all creativity shapes itself. Actors are trained to live fully in the present moment by learning to control their impulses and intuition and get out of their heads.

Through ensemble work, games, exercises and foundational training, cooperation, self regulation and awareness, visual motor planning, sequential, rhythmic and spacial awareness, cooperation and compassion, the new Theatre Program at One For All will teach students to find their creative voices and abilities.

These classes encompass students with all abilities. The nature of the exercises puts everyone on the same level, doing the same thing and transcends disabilities creating a very natural flow and context for the development of all mentioned skills.

This is a theatre program with very fundamental exercises that develop into obvious theatre skills but the ground work is how you begin.




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