opera director

The audience of Colombier under the charme of « Tosca »

Christiane Georgi signs here an original direction that adopts some priniciples of naturalism : in a cared and raffined set, the scenique spaces bring forth the complex psychology of the characters ; but more than the music, « Tosca » proceeds a fascinating sociology of Italy in the 19th century which the direction recreates with talent.

2011 Les Contes d’ Hoffman (Offenbach), Théâtre de Colombier, Switzerland

2012 Tosca (Puccini), Théâtre de Colombier, Switzerland

2014 La Vie Parisienne (Offenbach),  Théâtre du Passage, Switzerland

2014 developing of a libretto for an original opera, artistic collaboration with Pig Iron Theater Company and Composer Lembit Beecher in the  commissioned by the Opera Philadelphia


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